Corporate Event Management

Reaching out to the target audience within or outside an organization pursuant to communications strategies or other objectives requires Corporate Event Management.

Activities enable companies to demonstrate their products or services to their clients since an emotional bond can be established only by understanding client expectations. Sales increase follows successful product and service demonstrations. Internal events, on the other hand, strengthen communication among a company and its employees as well as promoting team spirit and a sense of belonging. They make training, orientation and information work more productively, and ensure media coverage for the company.

Project management, efficient implementation, and accurate reporting are essential to the success of any event - including congresses, exhibitions, panels, symposia, conferences, interviews, press conferences or press tours, dealer meetings, launches or roadshow activities.

İkraglobal leverages more than a decade of experience and expertise in the conference industry by successfully managing meetings and corporate events. Our dynamic team is trained to communicate and create the ideal concept based on your requirements and objectives. We shape your event in alignment with your vision while providing practical solutions and the highest quality services within the most convenient budget. We are well aware that timing is as crucial as the budget.

Contact İkraglobal to create events where satisfaction counts.

Event Concept Design

The right concept for a specific event is crucial in making a favorable impression on all stakeholders. Choosing the ideal concept can provide effective brand positioning, as well as generate positive awareness.

İkraglobal designs and plans conferences, symposia, interviews, press conferences and press tours, dealer meetings, launches and roadshows by considering each and every aspect of your corporate profile. We deliver creative ideas and implement events that place you one step ahead in the eyes of your clients, employees and stakeholders.

Let the İkraglobal team know your expectations and we will shape a presentation where your event is planned from A to Z.

Conferences and Seminars

With years of experience in the conference industry, İkraglobal is prepared to organize your conferences, meetings and seminar events. Let us know your requirements, from venue selection and stage design, all the way to media relations and translation and interpreting: we will plan in accordance with the profile and number of participants. We can organize cultural, educational, political or commercial events, along with the technical and content elements, for both national and international audiences and presenters.

Corporate Recreational Activities

Internal events strengthen communication, team spirit and the sense of belonging for a brand, a company, and its employees. Training, orientation and information efforts reach a more productive level. It provides media coverage for your establishment/brand. İkraglobal can plan and effectively and meticulously execute all your company’s internal events, from boat tours to holiday activities and from outdoor picnics to in-house contests.