Customer Feedback

"We have just completed the review of the materials and received extremely positive feedback on this translation- this is the strongest Arabic translation we have received yet."
"Thank you so much. I would like to tell you that the expert was extremely impressed by the quality of the interpreters and sent here compliments to them. It would be good to have them for any future event regarding our company."
"We are here because your fast and polite approach has been combined with the quality of the work you do in all our communications processes since the day we began working together. Thank you."
"We were extremely satisfied with your services; the system worked very well and the technician colleagues were very useful and professional. Thank you very much for monitoring the process constantly and your support."
"İkraglobal family is an indispensable part of our project team with their fast, high-quality and solution-focused approach."
"You have become our solution partner in a short time, with the commitment, and the meticulous and disciplined understanding you have demonstrated since the day we began working together. We look forward to continuing our collaboration. Thank you."
"It was a pleasure for us as well to collaborate with you and I’m sure we will get the chance to work together in the future."
"I want to thank you and the Ikraglobal team for the fantastic services you provided for our workshops. Interpretation is such an incredibly important element of these types of events. No matter how well organized or meticulously planned a workshop, it is often meaningless without solid interpretation. We did not have this problem, as every one of your interpreters was of exceptional quality. This really made an incredible difference, and I know it made the trainer's job easier not having to worry about whether or not their message was being communicated effectively to the participants."
"The Budapest Process Secretariat under the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) has worked with İkraglobal for multiple years on many national and international conferences. We truly value İkraglobal’s high level of professionalism, accuracy and customer service, and - most of all – the superb level of interpretation. İkraglobal Global will undoubtedly remain a close partner of ICMPD in future activities. Thank you!"