Interpreting Services

İkraglobal offers the expertise of the most competent language professionals for your interpreting, translation, transcreation and transcription requirements as well as providing other script writing and sign language interpreting services. In accordance with its consistent quality principles, Ikraglobal assigns A+ interpreters in your interpreting projects while offering translation service levels that take into consideration your time and cost parameters.


İkraglobal’s interpreting team comprises of Translation-Interpreting department graduates with strong academic credentials. Providing interpreting services at many international congresses and conferences, our team is just a phone call away from your event. In addition to our professional English and Arabic interpreters, we also have a vast network of professionals who can offer interpreting services in Spanish, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and other languages.

İkraglobal is a preferred interpreting agency for MÜSİAD, DEİK, Çelebi Holding, EgeYapı, Yudum, Koç University, Ipsos, Milward Brown and many other companies. İkraglobal also regularly interprets Turkey’s leading congresses and conferences including TEDx Summit, World Tourism Forum, Commerce, and Export Financing of Turkey, UniCredit Infrastructure Financing Conference, Employer Branding Conference and MÜSİAD Vizyoner events, to name a few.

Through its special interpreting unit for research companies, İkraglobal provides consistent interpreting services in the focus group projects conducted by IPSOS and Milward Brown, two leading international research companies. İkraglobal is the interpreting agency for Akut for its field training. It provides Arabic and English interpreting services for the NGO at refugee camps and orientation programs in Turkey’s Southeast region.

Our company consistently provides interpreting services to the congresses and conferences held at Istanbul’s leading educational institutions including Koç University, Istanbul Bilgi University, and Yeditepe University.

We also facilitate interpreting services for factories and industrial complexes with our Infoport systems. We can meet interpreting requirements that necessitate daily mobility with professional interpreters who are knowledgeable in your area of expertise. İkraglobal has provided specialized interpreting for various companies at their industrial sites.

The İkraglobal team also provides guiding and accompaniment interpreting services during Turkey visits and professional meetings of establishments headquartered abroad, such as the World Gold Council.

Simultaneous Interpreting

A primary branch of interpreting, simultaneous interpreting refers to an interpreter transferring material from a source language to a target language at the same time. Also known as conference interpreting, simultaneous interpreting is conducted with the use of technical equipment such as a soundproof cabin, microphone, and headphones. The translation is communicated to the target listeners through earphones. It is essential that the proper technical equipment be used for successful simultaneous interpreting.

A conference interpreter is responsible for recreating the original statement without moving away from its essence. Interpreters aim to transfer the meaning of the speech, without any additions that could alter the meaning, in a clear tone. Conference interpreters become a part of the speech, as they interpret in the first person and in a voice tone similar to that of the speaker.

As provided by its structure, simultaneous interpreting is a method that allows interpreting in multiple language pairs and takes less time. For this reason, it has been widely used in international organizations, scientific and academic conferences, and in private industry events such as press conferences and product launches.

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is another practical branch of interpreting. Consecutive interpreting involves consecutive transfer of a speech to the audience based on the notes taken by an interpreter during the speech. In some consecutive interpreting, the interpreter listens to the entire speech and conduct the interpreting after the speaker has concluded, through advanced note taking techniques and various mnemonic methods.

Other than a microphone, consecutive interpreting does not require the technical hardware used in simultaneous interpreting, such as a cabin and sound system. Consecutive interpreting is widely used in areas such as trade meetings, business agreements, official openings, press conferences, Q&A sessions, trials and interviews.


Whisper interpreting is a type of simultaneous interpreting. Conducted on a one-to-one basis, the interpreter transmits the translation in a low voice directly to the listener. Technical equipment is not required in the interpreting process. This method may be used during visits, social events or at organizational events such as a dinner for various guests. As whisper interpreting is as demanding as simultaneous interpreting, any meeting or negotiation duration must be assessed as simultaneous interpreting. Two simultaneous interpreters are required for projects where whisper interpreting exceeds one hour. iI is recommended that this method be used for no more than two people because it can be distracting and tiring.

Bilateral Interpreting

Bilateral interpreting is a type of consecutive interpreting conducted for smaller groups. In bilateral interpreting, the interpreter generally interprets between two people. Escorting foreign visitors and providing communication outside the meeting also constitute the description. Bilateral interpreting is preferred for business or diplomatic meetings, as well as factory visits involving two people or two small groups.