Remote Interpreting

Remote Interpreting is defined as online simultaneous or consecutive interpreting of meetings or conferences to target languages in case of force majeure such as the COVID-19 pandemic where we need to keep social distance. This kind of interpretation is categorized in two branches: Remote Simultaneous Interpreting and Remote Consecutive Interpreting.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting services are provided by various applications enabling the transfer of speakers’ videos and audios to interpreters who simultaneously interpret online.

Remote Consecutive Interpreting services are provided similarly, yet interpretation is not in simultaneous mode. Instead, the speaker pauses for a while to allow the interpreter to render the part of the speech in the target language. After the interpretation, the speaker continues his speech until the next pause.

One or both interpretation services can be used depending on the type and content of meetings and conferences.

As İkraglobal, we continue to provide our valuable business partners with Remote Interpreting Services with our professional team through various online platforms. By this opportunity, you can both reduce technical equipment costs and save time.

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